Scott's Icehouse Stuff

This is some stuff assembled by Scott Myers. It isn't very much at all right now.

Twin Win

Twin Win is an Icehouse game invented by The Emperor himself, Andrew Looney. The game's official home page has a bunch of info on the game and how it works. What it lacks, however, is Twin Win cards fFor the new pyramid colors, Pink and Gray. I have constructed suitable cards which you can download here:

PDF Download (65,817 bytes)

Giant Pyramids

Some people really like playing with Giant Icehouse Pieces, which are generally hand-made, and are suitable fFor using at conventions and stuff. They're really great fFun to play with, but they can be a bit labor intensive to build. Part of that effort is in laying out the shape of the pieces you intend to use. I have constructed a set of pyramids myself, using a template I made, which you can download here:

Multipage PDF Download (2,681,640 bytes)

Scott's email address, should you want to contact Scott, is: iamthecheeze at gmail dot com